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Mosquito Control Insecticides Market is Forecast to Spike Driven by the Zika Threat

Consumption of insecticides by professional mosquito control districts, which exhibits slower growth of 1.2% in 2015 over 2012, is forecast to spike in 2016 due to newly developing public awareness of mosquito-borne diseases, fueled by the threat that the Zika virus could spread to the United States, finds the recently published Mosquito Control: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities report by global market research and management consulting firm Kline

Leading Distributors in the U.S. crop protection industry

Leading Distributors in the U.S. Crop Protection Industry: A Strategic Market Analysis and Crop Protection In-season Market Update: U.S. Market Analysis will provide key insights into the U.S. crop protection industry.

Crop protection manufacturers report: A strategic market analysis of Brazilian crop protection industry

In 2015, the Brazilian crop protection chemical industry is experiencing a challenging year as lower commodity prices have caused growers to tighten their belts while the weakening of the Real has continued to push prices up for imported agrochemicals. This is the first time in many years that the crop protection chemical industry has seen this type of pressure.

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Crop protection manufacturers report: A strategic analysis of the U.S. crop protection industry

2015 is expected to be yet another exciting year as manufacturers develop their own strategies as growers are tempted to reduce pesticide use.This report will provide insights and trends shaping the crop protection industry through profiling the 20 leading suppliers, which make up over 98% of the total industry value.

Professional pest management markets for pesticides

Professional Pest Management Markets for Pesticides: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities will provide subscribers with a complete look at the global professional pest management market for pesticides for the 2015 calendar year. Separate pest reports will be included for termites, ants, fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents, and a broad category of all other insects.

Global industrial vegetation management of pesticides and fertilizers

The IVM market is about controlling weeds. When weeds grow, they impede such activities as moving electricity across power lines, keeping grazing lands available to fatten cattle, keeping highways and railroad lines safe for passenger and freight traffic, replanting harvested forest land, and maintaining inland water bodies so they are clean, safe, and available for recreation.

Stores grain insect control: Global market analysis and opportunities

The study will focus specifically on the use of chemical controls for stored grain insect control for on-farm storage, off-farm storage, and export shipments of grain, reporting on wheat, corn, soybeans, rice, and other important stored grains, depending on the importance in each country.

Biological nematicides settling in the global specialty pesticides market

The emergence of field crops as a fast-growing segment with biological nematicides as the quickest growing control method is the overriding trend from 2009 to the present. Since 2009, the market has grown nearly 20%, with most of the growth in field crops and biological products occurring in the United States, according to the recently published Nematicide Market: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report from global market research and management consulting firm Kline.

Fly control pesticides in production animal health: Global market analysis and opportunities

Kline’s Fly Control Pesticides in Production Animal Health: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report will provide an accurate and independent appraisal of the market size and segmentation of this important market. The study will detail insecticide use by animal and product form in the targeted countries.

Global seed treatment: Market analysis and opportunities

As the fastest growing segment of the agricultural input industry, the $3.0 billion+ global seed treatment market continues to be recognized as a cost-effective and environmentally favorable means of increasing crop productivity. With the drop in commodity prices over the past couple of years, seed treatment is a very cost-effective way of controlling early stage diseases, insects, and nematodes in crops. Global Seed Treatment: Market Analysis and Opportunities is a timely and invaluable report for developing and executing marketing plans.

Biopesticides: An Overview of Natural and Microbial Pesticides in Brazil

In Brazil, the first specialized companies in the production and commercialization of biological control agents emerged in the mid-1980s. Since then, there have been great advances in the market, as well as market growth.

Industrial Vegetation Management Market of Pesticides and Fertilizers Proves “Slow and Steady Wins the Race,” Comments Kline Expert

The weeds are growing! Close to $1 billion was spent around the globe on industrial vegetation management (IVM) applications in 2013. That is the exciting news emerging from the recently completed Global Industrial Vegetation Management of Pesticides and Fertilizers: Market Analysis and Opportunities study from globally recognized consulting and market research firm Kline & Company.

Japanese Seed Treatment Market Overview

The market for seed treatment products in rice areas in Japan approaches USD 48 million at the manufacturers’ level applied to approximately 1.54 million base hectares in 2013.

Chinese Seed Treatment Market Overview

In 2013, over 100,000,000 hectares of crops are planted in China that can be treated by seed treatment agents. Central China has the largest planted area accounting for over 40% of total planted acreage, followed by Northern China with over 30% and Southern China with over 20%.

The Brazilian crop protection market is ripe for growth

“The growing global population, increasing need to improve crop yields, and increasing demand for biologically based new products are expected to drive the demand for crop protection chemicals in the future. Brazil continues its role as a primary driver of global growth in the crop protection market. Being the seventh largest economy in the world and the largest among those in the Southern hemisphere, Brazil is also one of the fastest growing economies, as well as, most importantly, the largest crop protection country market”.

Italian Seed Treatment Market

The sales value of the seed treatment market in Italy based on corn and potatoes is estimated at EUR 4.0 million in 2013 in recently published Global Seed Treatment: Market Analysis and Opportunities by worldwide consulting and research firm Kline & Company. Potatoes have a much smaller area treated, but a significantly larger amount per hectare value, resulting in a larger sales value.

French Seed Treatment Market

The largest market for pesticides in Europe, France is valued at over EUR 200 million in 2013. In comparison to 2012, the French seed treatment market in 2013 is steady, driven by few developments and innovations. The overall supply is adequate to the demand. In 2013, the largest seed supplier in France is Limagrain.

Argentinean Seed Treatment Market

Argentina is a diverse agricultural economy, producing both grains such as maize, sorghum, and wheat, and oilseeds such as soybeans and sunflowers. Argentina’s strategic location in the Southern half of South America give it a major role in off season crop production when no grain or oilseeds are being produced in the Northern hemisphere.

Consumer Markets for Pesticides and Fertilizers

A Kline & Company lança no a 19ª edição do estudo de mercado “Consumer Markets for Pesticides and Fertilizers: Market Analysis and Opportunities”, com foco em 13 categorias de produtos.

Brazilian Seed Treatment Market

Agribusiness represents 20% of the Brazilian GDP. One of the factors contributing to the continuing strength of Brazil in the growing global grain market is the rapid adoption of high value seeds. With Brazilian grain production narrowly focused on maize and soybeans, virtually every seed gets treated, often more than once before it is planted. Kline estimates that nearly 45 million hectares planted received a seed treatment in 2013.

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Providing an actionable perspective on the professional pest management sector, Global Professional Pest Management Markets for Pesticides: Market Analysis and Opportunities will provide professional pest management pesticide suppliers and formulators with the latest information on product usage for the pest management market with the breakdowns for various pests.